Shankar Brazing Works an ISO 9001:2008 Certified company, founded by Shree Pramod M. Parekh (1943-2007), in the year 1968 is India’s Biggest Manufacturer and Exporters of  Bushing Metal Parts  for Entire Rating of Power/Distribution transformers, Transformer LV Winding Coils,  Fabricated and Tinned Copper Busbars, Flexible Copper Jumpers, Crimping Sockets and Ferrules, Brass Glands, Terminal Connectors, Spades, and all types of high precision nonferrous components for Transformer, Switchgears, Motors, Panel Builders, Electrical and Electronic Industries.

Our factory is centrally located in Mumbai, the Commercial capital of India easily accessible from International airport and seaport. We have fully equipped plant with modernized machineries and advanced technologies for innovative in-house manufacturing processes, testing methods and the logistic systems right from raw material stage to finish product dispatch with Stringent Quality Control measures at all Stages. All our products are in compliance with the Indian and International Standards and also as per customer specifications and requirements.

Our competent team of Technocrats works continuously towards producing world-class products. We are continually developing a style and climate which exposes the Best Talent, Enthusiasm and Commitment of our people, which have not only gained Customer Satisfaction but Won the Trust of Our Esteemed Clients at all Times. Our Passion for Excellent Performance have gained superfine standard of quality products to the customers' satisfaction for the past 40 years. Consistent quality is the hallmark of all our products.

We are the Only Approved Vendor who has successfully supplied All Oxygen Free Copper Components for the First 800 kV Class Transformer manufactured in INDIA. This has earned us a Great Repute well known for its quality products, Superior Services, Timely Deliveries among the major transformer manufacturers in India and Abroad.  

Over the years the Company grew by multiple times with continual upgradation of Technology and Product Quality. Our further emphasis is on Implementation of Complete Automation, Research and Product Development aiming to Solidify and Expand the leading Position we are enjoying in the area of Transformer Accessories Worldwide.