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Laminated Copper Flexible Jumpers

Laminated Copper Flexible Jumpers :

Copper laminated flexible jumpers are manufactured by laminating high conductivity, Electrolytic grade copper foils. These laminated foils are then pressure welded / fused as per customer’s requirements. Such copper jumper carrier the same current as that of Busbars as they have a constant cross section over the whole length giving a nil millivolt drop. So these jumpers are a best substitute for solid busbars.

Our Copper flexible jumpers are widely used in following Industries : Transformers switchgear's circuit breakers, power plants, Electric locomotives, furnaces, chemical plants, & all current carrying equipment manufacturing industries.

  • Copper Strip Thickness 0.035 to 0.5mm
  • Thicker cover sheet can be used as per requirement
  • Holes / Slots Punched as per Customer’s requirements

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    Our Copper flexible jumpers are manufactured in all posible shapes & size as per customers's requirments, some of various shapes are shown :