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Riser for furnace Transformer with complete FG Board

Riser for furnace Transformer with complete FG Board :

Risers are Brazed Copper Terminals carrying very high Current outputs from furnace transformers. Ultrasonic Tested High Conductivity Copper Flats are Fabricated and brazed with high end brazing technology.

Brazing done by Qualified and Highly Experienced Brazers With Silver Brazing Rods to ensure no leakages throughout the transformers life time. Ready to use Copper Risers duly assembled with H-Class Fiber Glass Epoxy Board.

Testing : Complete Riser with Fibre Glass Epoxy Board Assembly are tested for Leak Proof against Transformer oil at 1000C and at a pressure of 3 Kg/ sq. cm.

Lacquer compatible with Transformer Oil at 1000C is used for protection having 50 microns thickness covering all sides of Fibre Glass Epoxy Board.

Lacquer gives an added protection of withstanding atmospheric pollution present in chemical plants like caustic soda.

All Holes and Slots made on Fibre Glass Board are covered with 50 micron lacquer on all the slides.

All Gasket used are of the Grade : RC – 70 C

All Studs, Nuts and Washers used are of S.S.

Both Single and Double Risers can be supplied with complete ready to use assembly.

We specialize in both flat type and cylindrical type Copper Riser Assembly supplied as per customers requirements and drawings.

Complete assembly is supplied in ready to use condition packed in heavy wooden creates.

Finish & Plating :Tin Plating with 16 – 17 microns guaranteed plating thickness.

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