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Copper Flats

Copper Flats :

High conductivity & High purity copper flats are fabricated & brazed as per customers requirement on High End technology machineries Ensuring Best Quality standards, Highest Accuracy and Super Quick Deliveries in an ISO 9001 assessed environment.

Raw Material Specification’s : Electrolytic Tough Pitch ( ETP ) copper is used with purity of copper to 99.90% and conductivity to 100% IACS ( International Annealed Copper Standards ) as per ASTM B 187.

We are a leading manufacturer of Copper Flats. Our production range encompasses a wide spectrum of sizes. We offer flat bars with Corner radius, Full Radius and Sharp Edge. As an experience and reliable with fully integrated production, we have long been keeping pace with changes in the market. The latest trends involve additional alloying as well as Oxygen Free Copper - and we're involved in those things too.

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Range of Copper flats successfully brazed & fabricated :
  • No size limitation
  • All sizes available ranging from 20mm x 4mm to 500mm x 125mm x ( L- length as require)
  • A single piece weighing more than 700 kg’s is fabricated as per customer’s requirements.
  • We maintain a huge variety Stock of Flats to fulfill all requirements.
  • Use of Copper Flats :
  • Switchgear construction (low and medium voltage) 
  • Power distribution systems (Bus Bars) 
  • Transformers/Electrical components 
  • Electrical Machine Construction 
  • Wind Power 
  • Automotives 
  • Features of Copper Flats: 
  • Higher Conductivity for better current carrying capacity
  • Excellent dimensional control for superior contacts  
  • Engineered for longer life  
  • Customer Specification Solution  
  • Crack Free Bends