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Copper Braided Flexible Jumpers

Copper Braided Flexible Jumpers :

We manufacture air cooled connectors, braided copper tapes, round standard copper cables, earthing tapes & ropes. These highly flexible connectors are manufactured by using copper wire of any diameter as per requirement. The above copper connectors are made from bare, tined and silver plated copper.

The contact areas are assembled with pressed copper connectors, bare and on request tin or silver coated. Hot tinned dipped ends can also be provided to give perfect conductivity. We manufacture connectors in any width and cross section upto 10000 sq. mm.

The high flexibility offers installation into difficult and small places. Flexible connectors are individually designed and manufactured keeping in view the user's requirement and application.

Copper braided include Copper rope, copper braided flexible shunts, connectors and flexible jumpers

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